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Time: Low to high Earnings: $50–75 per resume Extra tools: Scripting software or illustrator (optional)   铮 I 铮   W

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Branded Surveys. Branded Surveys specializes in consumer surveys from major brands — names you probably encounter in your day-to-day anyway. Its surveys are easy to complete in your spare time, and compensation is fair, delivered via cash and gift cards. With over 2 million existing members, they’ve paid out more than $17 million since 2012. Plus, they have a 4.5 Trustpilot score with 40,000+ reviews.Survey Junkie. Survey Junkie is a popular online survey site with lots of survey-taking opportunities. You’ll earn points for each successfully completed survey and can cash out your account balance once it reaches 1,000 points ($10). Learn more about Survey Junkie in our Survey Junkie review.American Consumer Opinion. American Consumer Opinion sends users one screening survey per month and roughly one full-length survey per quarter. Screening surveys pay less than full-length surveys — no more than $0.50 apiece. Full-length surveys can pay up to $50 apiece.Opinion Outpost. Compared with American Consumer Opinion, there are generally more opportunities on Opinion Outpost. However, the overall earning rate is lower.Swagbucks. Swagbucks offers multiple opportunities to earn extra income online, including paid surveys. Narrowly targeted, time-intensive surveys can pay pretty well, but some of the more basic opportunities — which take only a minute or two to complete — pay next to nothing. Learn more about Swagbucks in our Swagbucks review.  ?  B

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Virtual assistants can work as little as a few hours per week per client, either in a single block of time or spread evenly throughout. Work is plentiful, so it’s not hard to string together multiple gigs and create a full- or near-full-time job.   N  铮  D

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For special occasions, most of us are looking for ways to indulge. To help others celebrate achievements, holidays, or special occasions, create candy bouquets. Purchase candy, a vase, small sticks, and tape to complete your bouquet. Upcharge your masterpiece by selling each one for $10–$40.   D This is what making more money can do for you: Help you to save money and pay off your debt. Pay your bills at the end of the month. Help you stop living paycheck to paycheck. Allow you to reach financial freedom. It can even help you to leave a job you hate. Plus, you could retire sooner if you want to. 铮 ?  B

  ? QThe prerequisites and best practices that make freelance editors successful are broadly similar to those freelance writers need. A suitable home office is important, as is aggressive networking, a strong work ethic, a clear understanding of your value, and a hunger for self-improvement.   A

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This might involve folding clothes, hanging jackets and coats, color-organizing garments, etc.铮  铮 X


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Time: Low to high Earnings: $100–$10,000 a month Extra tools: Website or social media accounts    G    H

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